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Manual Intervention VR

Manual Intervention VR is a real-time, sci-fi planetary defence game, exclusively for VR headsets.

Orbit around 3D moons and planets and defend the ground colonies by firing missiles at the incoming bombs.

Unlock weapons and tools to gain a strategic advantage.
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  • Fifteen levels of challenging gameplay, told through an intriguing sci-fi story and full colour comic strips.
  • Exciting "Tech" upgrades that evolve the gameplay, including Overdrive, EMP, Disruption, and Hack!
  • Designed for left or right handed VR controllers, or comes with gamepad controller support.
  • Supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality.


Release trailer (July 2021)

The story so far

Want a job at a galactic security firm?

Manny did.

He wasn't really interested in a career in the security industry, it was the free lunches that sold it.

He knew the systems at Solar Sanctuary Security would be fully automated.
Minimal interaction - he would just be there to monitor things. Like all jobs these days.

If he was lucky he might see a stray asteroid getting too close to a client's planet, which would get automatically blasted to tiny pieces. Fingers crossed.

Manny Canteen

News: Contract win for Solar Sanctuary Security

Outer planet-based security firm Solar Sanctuary Security (SSS) has won an inter-galactic contract from mega corporation Terracore.

The ten-year deal, worth billions of Creds, was this week awarded to SSS.

Terracore is currently the largest galactic corporation specialising in terraforming, an increasingly popular process of improving planets and moons by modifying the atmosphere, surface topography and ecology to the point that it becomes habitable by humans.

"Humans want to live on clean, natural planets.
There are plenty of dull planets out there ripe for either mining or as a base for all of our industrial and manufacturing operations. Of course most of these planets need a bit of cleansing and terraforming first, before we can shift operations to them.
We have a good relationship with SSS and have full confidence they will provide a professional security service across our portfolio"

TerraCore - Putting nature back in it's place.



Developed by independent game developers Spannerworx